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Aspects of Custody

Joint and Shared Custody

Divorce is a difficult enough situation, but is made that much more emotional when children are involved in the divorce agreement. Each parent wants an equal say in the raising of the child and regular access to the child, which can sometimes be difficult depending on outside circumstances.

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Visitation and Conservatorships

Custody and visitation rights are an important part of divorce agreements or other Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCRs) brought separate from divorce. Each parent wants to ensure they continue to have access and visitation with their child after a separation. Texas courts agree that both parents should play a role in a child's life, but outside circumstances may limit custody and visitation rights.

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Children do not understand the importance of paternity suits and will often feel lost if there is doubt as to their parentage. Parents often forget about the best interests of their children when embroiled in a heated custody or divorce battle in the courtrooms, but children are those most affected by the outcome of any paternity suit.

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Child Protective Services Legal Help

Child Protective Services (CPS) serves a vital role in the community and the organization works hard to protect children in instances of neglect or abuse. However, many children often fall through the cracks, while other parents are abused by the system and false accusations. CPS visits and monitoring can occur during particularly heated divorce or custody proceedings when one parent uses the organization against the other in order to retain full custody of the children.

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