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Child Protective Services Legal Help

Child Protective Services (CPS) serves a vital role in the community and the organization works hard to protect children in instances of neglect or abuse. However, many children often fall through the cracks, while other parents are abused by the system and false accusations. CPS visits and monitoring can occur during particularly heated divorce or custody proceedings when one parent uses the organization against the other in order to retain full custody of the children. If you are facing the loss of visitation or custody due to CPS investigations, contact an experienced family law attorney today who can advise you on a suitable alternative.

CPS Cases

Child Protective Services is a governmental agency which was created to protect children from harmful conduct. Parenting can often be difficult and parents once in a while behave in a manner that is seen as unacceptable or illegal to another. Another parent may contact CPS if they observe or hear second-hand accounts of this behavior, which can result in a CPS investigation. CPS often resorts to drastic measures, often taking children from their homes and taking parents to court based on alleged instances of conduct that may eventually be found to have never occurred. However, the slow nature of the court system means that your children may spend months or years in governmental or foster care while the case gets hashed out.

CPS cases can contain quite serious allegations which include the following:

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If you have been investigated by CPS or are the subject of an ongoing CPS investigation, you know all too well the terrible repercussions that can result from a CPS visit. You may lose access to your children and the ability to see them on an ongoing basis. Parents too often resort to CPS calls as a way to get back at the other parent based on alleged instances of abuse. While CPS investigators may eventually uncover the truth, the governmental agency is vastly overworked and an investigation may take months or years to resolve. These are months and years of your child's life that you may not be a part of, based on unfounded claims. Contact attorney Ned Gill today to begin your CPS counter claim. Ned Gill understands the heartbreak that occurs when your children are taken away from you and works tirelessly to retrieve them and bring back a normal life.

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