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Divorce Law

Aspects of Divorce

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How to Prepare for a Divorce

If you're thinking about separating from or divorcing your spouse, here are some practical steps you can take now to ease the transition once the separation occurs:

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Mediation and Arbitration

Texas is a unique state to bring a divorce proceeding in because it allows for so many alternatives to a judge or jury-tried divorce proceeding. Divorce proceedings often get heated when brought before a judge or jury. Settlement through mediation and arbitration allows the parties to come to terms with a divorce agreement together, without the influence of a judge or jury.

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Emergency and Temporary Orders

Temporary orders may be the best solution for you if you are in the middle of a hostile separation and are fearful for your safety or your child's safety. While temporary orders do not have the lasting power of temporary injunctions or orders of support, they serve as a way to ensure that your spouse does not retrieve any unnecessary assets from joint accounts or harass you in the weeks prior to the divorce proceeding. Emergency orders further require immediate action by a court to protect yourself, your children, and your property.

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Divorce Tax Issues

Divorce is always a highly emotional time, and the disposition of property and finances following the divorce can be difficult to agree on. Divorce tax issues are no different than the division of property because taxes involve a major financial transaction which can impact your finances for this year and the years to come.

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